6 Courses, 6 Chefs

Filet & ScallopChef John Rivera Sedlar invites you to American Origins, a dinner to celebrate culinary pioneers Ariane and Michael Batterberry.

“Ariane and Michael Batterberry published 12 books on art, history, fashion and food  Their co-authorship of one of the books “On The Town in New York,  A History of Restaurants from 1776-1976” moved them into becoming renowned authorities on food and wine, and went on to generate their two ground-breaking magazines: Food and Wine and Food Arts.

Together, they changed the way people think about food and precipitated a national platform and full stature for a new category – the American Chef.”

American Origins dinner – Great chefs, skilled mixologists, oenophiles, insightful speakers, writers and other experts are interspersed with a duet of unusual and edgy “pop up” chef driven culinary concepts and exceptional dinners (MKA Symposium)

Six Chefs: Chef Jimmy Sneed, Chef James Doss, Chef Mu Jing Lau, Chef Patrick McDonnell, Chef Martin Rios, Chef John Rivera Sedlar. This mouthwatering dinner includes wine pairings.

May 2, 2018 at 7:30 PM. Call now 505.982.0883 to reserve a space.